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I'm currently working on the translation of the film and the website to English. But here a  short information about the film: „Where are you from?“ , a documentary by Wisam Zureik, discusses the identity dilemma  of the Arabic minority in Israel. Zureik developed and realized the film at the „Rheinische  Fachhochschule Cologne” as part of his final thesis.   The state of Israel calls itself home of the Jewish people. However, there are more than  1.6 million Arabs who make up around 20% of the Israeli population. On the one hand  these Arabs are considered to be Palestinians by descent, on the other hand they are  Israeli nationals as they own Israeli citizenship. Having both a sense of belonging to Israel  and to Palestine they are subject of a conflict between their felt national identity as  Palestinians and their citizenship-based identity as Israelis. Due to this identity crisis there  are major differences how Arabs in Israel define themselves. Some emphasize their  Palestinian origin and call themselves Palestinians. Others stress their Israeli citizenship  and hence consider themselves Israelis. Many Arabs then try to formulate for themselves  a combination of both aspects.
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